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Assure are the first Scottish Distribution Partner of YesOvens UK. Providing the full ‘YesOvens’ range and covering warranty and service work over the whole of Scotland.


The Gastronomy line has been developed for Chefs who require a multipurpose tool, designed to allow the use of a range of cooking methods. The technological innervation used within this line has created an intuitive and responsive range of units. Providing multiple functions such as an automatic washing system, and YesClima to allow your YesCombi to work for you, your way.


Specifically developed to ensure meet the needs of the Pâtissier and Baker. With the need for extreme precision, the YesBakery Line provides control to manage each recipe to ensure perfection. Culinary techniques, mastered over time, preserved in tradition and skill, supported an elevated by the customisable cooking experience. Replicating detail and precision every time, providing uniform results without compromise.


The speciality line is designed for those with more specific and unique requirements, all while providing the same reliability and uncompromised cooking performance. With the Slim at only 510mm wide, holding 6 full G/N, the YesCombi line really can fill a gap in every kitchen.

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