Gas Safety Inspections and Compliance

Gas safety and compliance within a professional kitchen is essential for the welfare of the workforce and it is most likely a requirement of the insurance policy of a business to have the installation certified at least annually.

Neglected appliances can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, gas explosions or fires, and lack of compliance can invalidate an insurance claim should the need arise.


A business or landlord is usually required to hold on record an annual inspection record of Gas Safety and Compliance, sometimes referred to as a CP42.

The inspection looks at the suitability of the kitchen and its appliances as a whole, taking into account ventilation and extraction rates, ambient air levels ( carbon monoxide/ carbon dioxide ), gas soundness and pressure and general compliance issues. The individual appliances would also be inspected.

The CP42 would detail any shortcomings and recommendations to improve the set up. 

Assure Catering Engineers carry out such inspections in some of Scotland’s biggest hotels, high street chains and restaurants. 

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Incomplete Combustion Can Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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